Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No Mail

I know what you are thinking. I do.

You're thinking, "Does she mean mail or male?" Clearly both versions of the word apply, especially with the word "no" preceeding them. But I've chosen to discuss the USPS version today. Mail.

Our post office isn't so great. Everyone knows it. Still, most times I get my mail in a relatively timely manner. (I know there is some delay based on surveys and information I get from Netflix.) Thank goodness I have BillPay with my bank, otherwise I would be more nervous.

Yesterday I stopped at the little community mailbox in my neighborhood. I open my box, number 03/14 in a large bank of boxes. I had mail... yay! Upon inspection I discover it is a bundle of mail for my neighbor down the street. Not one of the pieces is for me. Not one! No Netflix movie that I had expected. No bills, no checks, no credit card applications. I delivered my neighbors mail and kindly asked if they night have mine. Apparently they did not as I have not heard from them.

I called the local post office (I refuse to capitalize those words) today to discuss the problem. I spoke to a supervisor who claimed he would check into it now that the regular carrier was back from vacation. Apparently he often gets complaints when the regular carrier is out. (Must be when I see the kids in shorts and t-shirts out there putting the mail in the boxes.) So today I expected to receive two days worth of mail. No such luck, I got the regular Wednesday grocery store flyers and one credit card application (in my name). This means that whoever got my mail either dumped it or hasn't checked their box yet... If they have checked then they haven't put my mail into the proper box... the one that is for mis-delivered mail. Hmm, happens enough that there is a system. ARGH!

And that's not all.

It just so happens that the internet ate at least two email messages of mine yesterday. I spoke to a friend today who said she did replied to my message yesterday and so had another of our friends. I did not get these replies. I checked junk mail, I checked my folders that use rules to sort incoming mail, I checked deleted items and I checked sent items. NOTHING. I even went online to my providers webmail site. Nothing.

I couldn't be more frustrated with mail, or the lack of it.

The same could be said for the other spelling of the word, but that is for another post.

An ode to cooler days at my house.
It's August 1st, the beginning of our other season in Texas.
We just finished with summer and now it's AUGUST.