Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shake, Shake, Shake

Last week I did something I don't recall ever doing. I had three milkshakes. Yes, three. I didn't have three in one day, I promise. I had one on Monday, I think, then one on Thursday, and one on Friday.

Only two of them were remarkable. There is a hamburger joint near my office called Wally's. It's a family owned place. In fact I think my next door neighbor's father owns it. He promised me one time he'd get me some coupons, but nothing! Anyway, I had a burger there once and it was nothing spectacular. But Monday night I just wanted a shake, so I went through drive through and low and behold I saw the choices! Butterscotch? Cherry? Vanilla? Chocolate? Sounds super. I chose a small butterscotch shake. OH MY GOODNESS! It was great! So great! Gone in about ten minutes, maybe five. I thought of it all week and had another one on Friday. And that was after I had a boring chocolate shake from Whataburger in a fit of madness on the way back from San Antonio Thursday night.

Just so you know, I have passed Wally's several times a day since then and have not succumbed to temptation. This week I am shake free. But I have had Halloween candy.

Tomorrow I'll do better. I promise.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Concerts 4

I will get in trouble with my friend Teresa if I don't mention that she and I saw Jack Ingram at the River Road Ice House in New Braunfels, Texas, earlier this summer.

It was fun but rather warm and very crowded! As you can see Jack closes his eyes a lot when he sings and sweats just the like you and me.

BTW that means I saw Jack Ingram and Lyle Lovett twice each this year. Funny!

Jack Ingram at the River Road Ice House in New Braunfels, TX.

Jack up close.

I just think this is funny, he turned just as I snapped the pic. Very nice layers, Jack.

I know this looks funny - some fan held up her beer while yelling wildly...
so he's either singing into her beer or about to take a swig, right?

Concerts 3

And now for the pictures of Keith Urban and The Wreckers. It's not hard to narrow it down to just a few of Keith in this case because many were dark and or blurry. The Wreckers pictures all turned out very dark, so you'll get just one.

Keith did a really great show and I'd recommend him to anyone. You know more music of his than you think! I'll go next time he's in Austin if you anyone wants to go.

The Wreckers - Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp.
(I'm pretty sure that Michelle is on the left.)

Thank goodness for the big screen!

I couldn't decide on this one or the one above. So, both.

They did this weird thing that made it seem like a fun iPod commercial version of the song.

My only clear "close up" shot.

I love that you can see him playing on stage and his facial expression on the big screen.
(I also like the effect of the spotlights.)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Concerts 2

I promised pictures from the other two concerts that I attended over the summer. The first was The Wreckers opening for Keith Urban and the other was Little Big Town opening for Martina McBride. Keep in mind that I'm taking care of you by posting only a few of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures that I took. For whatever reason, I only took my small digital camera to these two events... So no 10x zoom! You'll easily be able to tell at which concert I had 3rd row seats and at which I did not!

I think I'll limit this entry to LBT and Martina.

As a bonus, I saw Taylor Kitsch who stars as Tim Riggins in the NBC TV show Friday Night Lights. Scroll to the bottom for that picture.

Martina pictures must be first.

As you can see I couldn't decide which photos to include.

So I picked four.

Yes, that's right, I picked four out of about one hundred.

Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet of Little Big Town.

Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town.

Little Big Town, all together but a bit blurry.

We happened to be sitting on the best side of the stage, in my opinion!

Actor Taylor Kitsch (in white) enjoying LBT and Martina.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Concerts 1

I know - I've been away. I've not been blogging. I have good reasons. Up until a few weeks ago I was busy with not so fun things. The last week or so I've had a time for a bit run and relaxation.

I generally see a concert or two a year, maybe. Well apparently I've stepped into new territory this year. I've been to see at least 3 concerts and one music festival. I decided you'd like to see my pictures. In fact I have hundreds of pictures from all the concerts. It's lucky for you that one or two of them turned out to be in focus and centered. I'll go in reverse order and split this up into two posts. Also it should be noted that my 10x optical zoom camera (a Canon S1 IS) died during the festival, so a few pics are with my 3x optical zoom camera (a Canon SD650). For those interested, Canon is fixing the problem for free because it turns out it's a known issue with the CCD imager. Yea!

These pics are from the most recent events - the music festival and the Lyle Lovett concert.

Lyle Lovett at Stubbs in Austin, TX.

Lyle Lovett with John Hagan on cello, what a team.

Los Lonely Boys at the Big State Festival in College Station, TX.

Dierks Bentley at the Big State Festival.

Another of Dierks Bentley at the Big State Festival.

Craig Morgan at the Big State Festival.
(He's great but always makes funny faces.)

Jack Ingram at the Big State Festival.

Kelly Willis watching husband Bruce Robison sing (only 3x zoom).
(We saw Kelly sing too but I did not get a picture.)

Charlie and Bruce Robison at the Big State Festival (only 3x zoom).

Willie Nelson at the Big State Festival (only 3x zoom).

Tim McGraw closing out the Big State Festival (only 3x zoom).