Thursday, March 30, 2006

Aggie Link

I haven't seen this commercial on TV, but my coworker said he saw it during some of the NCAA tournament. It's an ESPN commercial for their ESPNU package, apparently a package of college sports.

It's hysterical!

Aggie Commercial

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My 101 Things Might Stink

I just read a good list of 100 things on another's blog. It was interesting. Mine is not. Since no one has commented yet, maybe I'll edit mine...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

101 Things

There WAS a time when it was cool to list 101 things about yourself on your blog. Leave it to me to be a bit behind the times. This could be fun for the one person who stumbles on my blog that doesn't' t know me well. I think that all my friends know the things in this list.

Post a comment to let me know what you think. Did you know all the facts? :)

  1. I was born in Houston, Texas.
  2. I have lived only lived in Texas cities: Austin, College Station and Houston.
  3. I am an only child.
  4. My parents were both in their forties when I was born.
  5. I am thankful that I still have them.
  6. I think it would be fun to live in NYC for at least a year.
  7. I love to travel.
  8. I love to fly (as a passenger).
  9. I want to own a hot air balloon someday.
  10. I love college football.
  11. I do not like NFL football.
  12. I cannot dance well to rock music.
  13. I can two-step.
  14. I cannot sing.
  15. I would love to be able to sing.
  16. I have a degree in electrical engineering.
  17. I graduated from Texas A&M University.
  18. I am a sales engineer.
  19. I think Lyle Lovett is sexy.
  20. I have seen him in concert at least 7 times.
  21. I am never too full for ice cream!
  22. I love to go out to eat breakfast.
  23. I love toast with real butter.
  24. I have never been skinny dipping.
  25. I cannot live without my Palm phone.
  26. I was never a Girl Scout. (There is a story here.)
  27. I like camping.
  28. I like hiking.
  29. I have never broken a bone. (This might be a lie now, I'll tell you for sure later this week.)
  30. I never had a dog or a cat.
  31. I did have a few fish.
  32. I must have a carbonated beverage with pizza and burgers.
  33. I did not watch Seinfeld in prime time.
  34. I spent a month in the Philippines.
  35. I have totaled a car.
  36. I hate the game 42.
  37. I love to play spades.
  38. I play Golden Tee.
  39. I traveled to Australia on my own.
  40. I love to snorkel.
  41. I do not scuba dive.
  42. I would like to visit all 50 states.
  43. I have visited 21 states.
  44. I love watches.
  45. Once my Dad and I caught 93 fish in one hour.
  46. I have too many pairs of shoes.
  47. I procrastinate.
  48. My DVR has changed my life.
  49. I have been on a jury.
  50. My cell phone rang while I was in the jury box.
  51. I love to go to movies.
  52. I believe in heaven.
  53. I believe Jesus died to save me from my sin.
  54. I love to ride my road bike.
  55. I rode 105 miles on it in a day - twice.
  56. I never met either of my grandfathers, they died before I was born.
  57. I don't mind yard work.
  58. I hate to clean house.
  59. I think Sudoku puzzles are fun.
  60. I have a lazy eye.
  61. I used to wear an eye patch.
  62. I have had eye surgery two times.
  63. I do not throw like a girl.
  64. I can throw a good spiral.
  65. I love to play football catch, frisbee catch, or softball catch.
  66. I played soccer at the YMCA on an all boys team.
  67. I love to read fiction.
  68. I listen to audio books in the car.
  69. I can install a ceiling fan.
  70. I prefer 2%, but drink 1% milk.
  71. I used to have reflux.
  72. I have no cavities.
  73. I played saxophone in high school band.
  74. I have been snow skiing one time.
  75. Sometimes I have number dyslexia.
  76. I like fresh lemon in my Diet Coke.
  77. I prefer fresh lime in my iced tea.
  78. I like to drink water from a bottle not a glass.
  79. I don't mind doing laundry, but I do not like to fold and put away clothes.
  80. I like to wash dishes, but do not like to unload the washer.
  81. I broke my VCR the other day.
  82. I have a backup VCR.
  83. I have been known to cry at medical shows, Hallmark movies and Extreme Home Makeover.
  84. I enjoy cooking on my grill.
  85. I am clearly struggling to find interesting things for this list.
  86. I once owned a car for just seven months.
  87. Because of that I technically owned three different cars in one year.
  88. I do not like coffee.
  89. I love to listen to music.
  90. I like some radio talk shows.
  91. I love to go to the library.
  92. I belong to two libraries.
  93. I have developed a love for reading blogs.
  94. There are about 5 blogs that I check daily.
  95. I like scented candles.
  96. A lawn mower will fit in the trunk of my car.
  97. I like reality shows. I know, but I do.
  98. I wear my college (Texas A&M) ring all the time, even in the shower.
  99. I like to listen to radio talk shows on a solo road trip.
  100. I almost never remember a bathing suit when my hotel has an indoor pool!
  101. I have thick hair.

Can you tell I was reaching at the end? And that I'm in a hotel room in Houston for work?

Let me know what you think. And go ahead, post 101 things about yourself on your blog!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I just want to go on record to say that I'm pulling for LSU. Who cares about my bracket? I'm out of it anyway because, being a good Ag, I picked A&M to win out.

I like the way my friend Joe Hays' brain works. He had a great blog regarding sporting logic on Thursday, March 23rd. Here's a quote:

5th Grade Logic
Duke got beat tonight. LSU stung the Blue Devils with an eight point win. So, and this is where the 5th grade sporting logic comes into play, if LSU beat Duke by eight and the Aggies lost to LSU by one, then the Aggies would beat Duke by seven. Cool, huh? I'm a huge Duke fan but A&M is where my heart is, so it's kinda cool to say that my Aggies would beat Duke by seven...according to my fifth grade logic.
If we continue with his logic: since LSU beat UT by 10 points and the Ags lost to LSU by just one point, then in our fantasy world, the Ags would beat Texas by 9 points.

A girl can dream, right?

Mission Impossible

So, I bought several new pairs of pants this week. I needed them. I've donated or thrown the old ones away (depending on condition).

I have tops to wear with each pair of pants, however I could use a cream colored top to give me more options. I'm looking for a simple short sleeved V neck or crew neck cream/tan/off-white sweater...

Apparently there is no such thing. I have been to Dillard's, Foley's, JC Penney, Steinmart, Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Target, Academy (there was one here but it was sized for a junior!). I don't even know where to look next.

I can, however, tell you where to find cream colored t-shirts, completely see through cream colored polyester shirts, cream colored shirts with beads (or for that matter, sequins), see through loose knit cream colored sweaters, cream colored long sleeve sweaters, cream colored sweaters with bands that accentuate the wrong thing on me, and cream colored sweaters with gathers in the area that need not be accentuated.

Let me know if you need help finding a sweater. I'll take out all the guess work!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I took this picture in NYC in July of 2004. I made the trip with my mom for her 76th birthday. One day we took the subway down to Battery Park and I think these buildings are located near there. I'm hoping that someone can help me figure out the names of the two buildings? I thought I knew where they were, but I can't figure it out now. I've looked on Google Maps and Google Earth. (If you haven't tried this, do so and type in a big city name; you can see the skyline and building outlines in either real photo form or opaque form.)

Come to think of it this could be down by the World Trade Center site. We also went to see that area on the same day... More playing with Google Maps and Google Earth!

It was also on this trip that Mom and I acted like giddy girls waiting for Hugh Jackman outside the stage door of The Boy from Oz. We had just him in the role for which he won a Tony. He is very pretty up close. My mom told him it was her birthday and he wished her a happy birthday (from about an arm's length). I think she was hoping for a kiss! Here's a picture of him just before he comes over to us...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sadness, Despair!

Need I say more? My Aggie men lost to LSU by 1 point in a very well played game.

It hurts.

If there's anything good to take away from this, it's that we played two great games on national television!

And how about Coach Gillispie? He has done great things with the team on and off the court. I was proud of how he and the players responded to questions during the tournament. As far as I know they all acted like gentlemen. They are winners in my book.

Friday, March 17, 2006

How about that? I knew it!


(12) Texas A&M 33 33 66 Final

(5) Syracuse 24 34 58

I knew we could win. The Aggie men beat Syracuse tonight. It's possible that I will not have a voice tomorrow... and I watched alone at home. I was having trouble typing IMs to my friend online because I kept getting up and jumping around and helping the men play.


Game on!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Before and After

Quite a few posts back, I inserted a picture of my bedside lamp after a fire. I never explained what happened though. To save you some scrolling, here is the picture again.

The lamp/bulb had been flickering on and off for a while, but tightening the bulb usually did the trick. I headed to bed one night at 3 am. I had fallen asleep in my chair in the living room. So when I headed into the bedroom, I switched on the lamp by my bed for light. The bulb came on and then went out, but _mysteriously_ there was still light. Well, see, flames were shooting out of the on/off switch!! They were tall enough, clearly, to almost reach the top of the bulb and therefore were very near the shade... I grabbed the lamp, unplugged it and blew the flames out on the way to the bathroom. Imagine what might have happened had I fallen asleep in bed with that lamp on... Thank God (literally) that it happened when I was able to put it out.

I replaced the lamp a few weeks ago with the one you see below. It was on sale (always a good thing) and the finish matches that of my ceiling fan (which I installed shortly after I moved into the house). This particular lamp was labeled as safe for use with a 3 way bulb... Hmm, I was using a 3 way bulb in the other lamp; however, that lamp had no such label. Then again, it was hard to read the labels after the fire.

My Aggies!

Both of the Aggie basketball teams made it to the NCAA tournament. Can you all say WHOOP!?

Check out the video on of the men receiving the news they'd been invited. And the ladies have a video too.

I'm going to do my bracket picks tonight... I don't think I'll be very good at it, but it's fun.

How can I not pick the Ags to win out? Really, can an Ag do anything but have that kind of faith?

Bring it on!