Monday, August 21, 2006

I am SO grown up!

I mentioned that I'm officially a grown up in an earlier post. Age and habits make it so.

So I've done something else that only a grown up would do. I increased my contribution to my 401k. I also re-allocated the money already in it. I analyzed, researched, rubbed my forehead, and squinted. Recently our 401k administrators added more funds from which to choose, so this was no small task. I'm feeling good - and stupid. I should have stayed on top of this all along.

I will not be lazy. Grown ups aren't lazy.

Here's a few Outback pictures from my trip to Australia in September 2003. I was absolutely NOT lazy on this day. I bet we hiked 10 miles. And then I slept in a big tent on a cot!

Then again, I do feel pretty grown up for taking a trip to Australia on my own! I'll post more pictures if you guys care to see them!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good reads (blogs not books)

Recently, through much clicking and following of links, I've found two blogs that intrigue me. Each is the kind of blog that makes me want to sit and start reading from the beginning! I don't have that much time, so I've decided to read a few entries every time I visit... Someday I'll catch up! I'll make a link to the first ever post in each blog.

barista brat
i'm the original barista brat. come find me at your local bux!

Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds
Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds is a social satire about life in South Florida, from the perspective of a witty and often abused country club employee, who must deal on a daily basis with the exploits of the tasteless, demanding, tacky and unreasonable Rich White People for whom she works. Calling herself Subservient Worker, the author of this blog anonymously recounts the outrageous, fictionalized incidents which occur regularly at her job as an administrative assistant in the Home Owner’s Association of one of the largest and most exclusive golf and tennis communities in Basura, Florida, while also offering a sane and balanced contrast to the lifestyle of her employers. Any similarities between events, locations or individuals mentioned in this blog and actual events, locations or individuals are purely coincidental, unintended and not the responsibility of Subservient Worker. All material contained on this blog is the copyrighted, original material of its author, so don't steal or I'll turn off your barcode.

Bloggers block!

Somewhere in my last two or three posts I promised that I was back to blogging. Clearly I lied.

At least one friend, Shelley, has implied that she finds it annoying when she daily clicks on another's blog to read the new post and finds instead an OLD post. I'm not sure, but I think she might have been talking to me. Check out her blog and read about her recent travels to Fiji and Mexico. Be jealous, I am!

Anyway, today I decided I CAN DO BETTER. (That's me yelling at myself.) Plus, I got a little bit of a big head to see that my blogging friend, Bre, has my blog in her sidebar links. She lists blogs that are "fun and fabulous." I'm honored and a little intimidated by the pressure to be "fun and fabulous." Wish me luck.

I'm about to hit up Bre to help me put a picture in my title box. She has a cool artistic rendering of shoes (one of her passions) in her title box now! Another fabulous blogging friend, Heather, has a whole new look on her blog - including two color boxed columns and a picture (or is it two) in the title area.

Maybe I'll just hire someone? Andreia recommended Susie at Bluebird Blogs for a little color and redesign. Take a look at Susie's site for cool examples of her work. I hope she'll help me copy one design she already did.

I took some pictures on a recent drive around Austin.

Entrance to the Texas State Cemetery
The inside is prettier.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another visitor

I'm late in posting this!

It seems my place is now a pet friendly bed and breakfast. (It could be argued that "breakfast" shouldn't be in the name.) Seriously, give me a call if you need a place to crash!

Courtney and her puppy (!) came to stay with me a week or so ago. Check out this handsome German shepherd.

Meet Bauer!

Those are 15 inch tiles, folks!