Friday, July 21, 2006


A good Aunt must brag on all of her friends' dogs! And this Aunt must post pictures.

One of my other good friends has a dog named Blondie. Blondie was rescued and trained for agility competitions. She's a very fun and friendly puppy. I call her a puppy but I bet she's two years old already.

Blondie has been to my house at least three times. I'm told Blondie is so excited to see me that she starts to whimper (with glee, not trepidation) when the car reaches the entrance to my neighborhood. She gets more and more excited in the two mile trip in to my part of the neighborhood. I told my dad this story, but he doesn't believe it. Perhaps I'll ask for a video recording of it or at least an audio one. I mean, really, who wouldn't get a boost from knowing that a dog was happy to be visiting?

Please see Blondie, Queen of New Braunfels, TX.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

For the record!!

First of all, thanks to each of you who left a comment on my last entry. I fear that I misled you into thinking that July 13th was my birthday... It's really in April (hence the trip to Mexico). I wanted to set the record straight for the those that years from now review this blog diary of my _exciting_ life! That said, the rest is true, I do drink coffee, therefore I am a grown up.

No one asked me a question. Perhaps no one thinks coffee drinking and being 35 mean that I am wise. WRONG!

Things I've learned since I've been a grown-up:

  1. It might not be a good plan to drink hot coffee (liberal use of the term coffee) and sit outside when it is 95 degrees outside at 9 pm.
  2. It turns out getting coffee in a fancy coffee store is not like getting a 1/3 or a 1/2 cup of coffee at home and then filling the mug with sweetened flavored creamer and Equal sweetener. At the store you might need two cups for all the special mixing.
  3. Seriously, I might just be a social coffee drinker. Real coffee early in the morning, even with lots of goo in it, makes my stomach upset. Late at night or after breakfast or a meal, then we're all good.
I've learned more than this in the last few month, but this is all I'm blogging about!

For my picture today, I'll use one I took of the puppy, Dexter, that came to stay at my house this weekend. Cute, right? He's not mine, I had to give him back to his owner on Sunday.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

News Flash

So... I turned 35. I'm grown up. Seriously, I am; if for no other reason than my age.

But the reason I blog today is to tell you that IT IS OFFICIAL. I drink coffee now. So I'm a grown up.

(Thing number 88 on my 101 Things is now false.)

I should point out that I'd rather you just wave the coffee over my cup full of cream and sweetener, but still, I drink coffee.

Ask me something. I'm a grown up. I'm wise. Probably I'll know the answer.

Found this on the web, it looks a bit dark for me. Might taste like coffee.

Monday, July 10, 2006

It should work now!

My astute coworker (we are working hard!) pointed out that the blog appearance problem might be associated with the browser used. Sure enough, I was using Firefox which did not have the display problem. However, Internet Explorer users did have the problem.

I messed with a setting on the template that controls how many posts are shown at a time in the window... reducing that number fixed the problem in IE. More importantly, it also did not screw up the appearance of my blog in Firefox.


Gratuitous picture that I took this weekend of a rose in Tyler, Texas. More to come.

I'm back, I promise, but first...

I know you wanted an interesting post about my life or maybe a mediocre post, but with pictures... Well, first, may I ask you to weigh in on this subject by commenting on this entry? You can answer even if you aren't a Blogspot member, so please comment to let me know...

I promise that Wednesday I'll post something better; possibly even something witty and with photos.

Okay here's the question:
When you view my blog on your computer or laptop, do you see the links on the right hand side column next to the latest (greatest) post? Or does that column appear to be way down the page almost like it's letting you see the whole posting column before the column with the little "About Me", "Cluster Map", "ClockLink", "101 Things", "Blogging Friends", "Random Blogs I Read", "Previous Posts", and "Archives" links?

That's more than one question, I know, but it's just the one subject.

I ask because on my computer is looks just fine, like the template; two columns side by side. But at least two friends have said that it has always looked as I described it above.

SO, I wondering did I delete part of the template that makes it smart enough to size the columns for any computer resolution??? Or what??? I don't want to start over, so if anyone knows how to fix it please let me know!