Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday is for links

I almost posted on Monday! Forgive me?

I was inspired by Heather at Yummy Sushi Pajamas. Each Monday she posts links to some of her favorite blogs. She has been nice enough to visit my blog, comment AND put me on her Monday link list.

Here is my first Monday link list. Please visit them if you have time and post a comment if you feel inclined.

Yummy Sushi Pajamas
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- plain simple english
Greek Tragedy
Benjamin Wagner Dot Com

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The reason I'm not posting

I'm not posting regularly because I have an addiction. It's an addiction to read/check something like 20 blogs per day, right? I read all these interesting blog entries and am left with the thought that I'm not very good at blogging. Or I think, "I should have blogged about that!" But if I do it now, it's virtually plagiarism. Illegal. Wrong. Bad.

So, I'll try to be more prolific in my posting. Tomorrow I plan to post links to some of the blogs I like to read.

The chair in which I read blogs.

I'm a new fan

I had some great friends in town Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast. They are huge Mavericks fans (as I'm sure you can tell if you checked out the link). So... We watched the two weekend games at my house. I was hooked. They knew about the players and their track records and strengths. It was fun to watch the games with them.

I haven't paid much attention to NBA ball since my hometown team, the Rockets, won two championships in a row (in '94 and '95). Now those were good times! I kept up with the NBA for a few more years, but was frankly more interested in college sports.

I'm not saying I'm not a Rockets fan at heart. What I'm saying is I want the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA Finals this year. And I want to watch all the games! If you're a Mavs fan, you want me to watch too, because they won both games I watched last weekend. And last night, I listened to the first half of the game while I worked outside in the backyard. At halftime I came in to watch the rest of the game. Not long after I started watching the Mavericks came to life, coming back from behind to dominate the second half and win the series!