Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beautiful Austin

I know - I owe you a trip report and some pictures from my week of visiting Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon.  I've whittled down my 1400+ pictures to something more manageable - 840 or so.  I. Am. Not. Kidding.

The last few weeks in Austin have been so gorgeous - I'm convinced that if you visit anytime in October through January then you never want to leave.   This Sunday after church I decided to forsake the chores and DVR and traditional nap for some exploring and time with my camera.
(Those of you who know me will say, "Which camera?"  The Nikon D60 that I HAD TO HAVE when two friends at church turned me on to the series.  Yes I know, I should go to a support group.  "Hello, my name is Joyce and I'm addicted to new technology...")
I took some shots at Mount Bonnell and Lake Travis near my house.

The view of the Pennybacker (360 Bridge) from Mount Bonnell.

Part of the church across from my neighborhood that has a great view of Lake Travis. 

Their view of Lake Travis.


Jeff and Mindi said...

Beautiful pics! You're right, Austin is gorgeous!

We just got the D40 this week! I'm still trying to learn to use it!

Rachel said...

Good pictures!! I am still trying to figure out my simple camera :)

Dianna G said...

Thank you for blogging.


Emily said...

Love it. And the beauty of you, Joyce, being addicted to new technology is the fact that I, Emily, benefit from your old technology! Love you!

Khristy said...

Welcome back to BlogWorld, friend!