Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chicago in summer

I learned something interesting on my trip to Chicago - it's HOT there in June. Seriously HOT; even hotter than it was in Austin at that time. It probably would have been better if I had planned my wardrobe a bit better! I did enjoy the trip and I would love to go back. My favorite parts were the water taxi tours of the river and Lake Michigan.

This is Cloud Gate, a 110-ton elliptical sculpture found in Millennium Park.

Cloud Gate is big enough to provide me shelter in a rain shower. (Hence the grey sky.)

One can tour Lake Michigan on a sail boat. Sadly, the departure time didn't work for me.

A view of Navy Pier from the ferris wheel.

If you're still with me, you might also like to check out a place called ENO. It's in the InterContinental Chicago hotel. The sign reads "wine. cheese. chocolate. sensation." It's true.


Bekah said...

Joyce - I'm at school and don't have your email (they block gmail here in the civilized world)... but I need to ask you if you have weekend plans - we're looking for a place to stay Friday night. It's last minute, so if the B Hotel is full, totally understand.

Can you email me at Thanks friend!

(what a lousy comment this is!)

Lora said...

Joyce- I do read your blog, although I haven't had much to read since DECEMBER! :-) Thanks for the new blog to read.