Monday, August 18, 2008

Things that make me happy

1. Lyle Lovett in concert - if you're paying attention then you already know this about me. I recently saw him at the new venue in Austin - The Long Center. What a nice venue! Great location, great views from the courtyard and outdoor balconies, easy parking and super acoustics. Pictures are below. Should I mention that I also have a crush on the cello player, John Hagen, and the acoustic guitar player, Keith Sewell (who also plays mandolin and sings).

From the terrace at The Long Center

Ray Herndon, SweetPea Atkinson, Sir Harry Bowens (hidden),
Lyle, Willie Green, Jr., and Arnold McCuller

Ray Herndon on electric guitar, Willie Green, Jr., Sir Harry Bowens,
SweetPea Atkinson, and Arnold McCuller

Lyle Lovett and John Hagen

Lyle Lovett

Viktor Krauss on stand-up bass, Keith Sewell on acoustic guitar,
Lyle, Gene Elders on violin (hidden), and Sam Bush on mandolin

2. Blue Bell's Southern Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream - it might be too late for me to tell you about this because Blue Bell's website says it's a "rotational flavor" which they make available for three months. Thank goodness, because I can't walk by a half gallon without buying it and eating it. Look for it - purple in color with a brown rim. Yum!

** I might love the ice cream more than Lyle and his band, but it seemed wrong to put food first. **


Rachel said...

Nice to see you blogging again...even if I am not a fan of Lyle :)

Jeff and Mindi said...

I know this about you and I still shake my head. =) I am glad that you take joy in Lyle's music and looks though! =) Great pics- were you really that close to the action?

I haven't tried this ice cream but I'll have to ASAP!

Allie Sebesta said...

J-Bird, I am so stinkin' jealous! Wish I could have been at the concert in your pocket watching Lyle. Next time, we go together!!!

Thanks for posting a blog. I needed something to read tonight in my little dorm room. Only now, I have a craving for that ice cream...oh my word that sounds amazing! If only there were a grocery store in this tiny town (Los Fresnos, TX) other than Ramirez's Grocery that carried Blue Bell!

Hope to see you soon!


jch said...

I'm so jealous. I love me some Lovett. I've seen him in concert a few times and every time it's a joy. As for Blue Bell, I'm also jealous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joyce! Looks like we were shooting from the same seat (in different cities, of course.)

Nice shot. :-)