Friday, August 22, 2008

Called Out

Several days ago a great friend got back in touch with me and she called me out on my serious lack of blogging. I wasn't going to include the text of her message here, but I think you'd enjoy it. And maybe she will too. I'm not naming names. Just responding.

"Really blogging once a year seems a little goofy for someone who travels as much as you! You thought I wasn't paying attention!"

I'm pretty sure that I haven't been on a trip since last June or July when I went to Chicago. I'm not counting the numerous trips to San Antonio since last August when I started helping my uncle. I should have taken some pictures of San Antonio, but all I have are pictures from his old (interesting and dusty) apartment and a few from his new place. I can't think that you would be interested in those, but I'll include a couple because I ALWAYS have pictures in my posts. His new place is rearranged a bit now and there is a nice bed spread too.
(Please note that if cell phone cameras were any good at all, I'd have some VERY interesting things to show you from the cabinet cleaning in the kitchen.)

Desk area before... (the key here was to reproduce it exactly at the new place. I took about 8 pictures of the stuff on top and then used them for reference.)

The sitting area before.

The new place.

Another view of the new place. This part is rearranged now and there are two new recliners instead of the small couch and green chair (which broke).

Now if you are still reading this - I have great news. I'm going to Las Vegas next week. Woo hoo! A friend is giving me a pretty good hook up - I'll tell you about it when I get back. That is if Gustav will allow - I'm flying Continental through Houston Tuesday morning. Yikes.


Jeff and Mindi said...

Las Vegas? How fun! Can't wait to hear about that. And I agree with your friend- more blogging needs to happen! =)

Bekah said...

Ooh - be safe! and play some 5 cent slots for me! :)

I officially have no comment about your blogging (or lack thereof), for obvious reasons. However, suffice it to say what a lovely surprise it was to find new posts! Even if they do have funky pictures from your uncle's apartment!

ps - P is buying a new grill today, and has mentioned your advice on the matter several times ("Joyce said this was important... Joyce said that...). Of course, you've always been quite the celebrity in our house...

Dianna G said...

Um. Ahem.
I know you're back and you took a new camera.
Where are the pictures?
Oh and how was the trip?