Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My new roommate

I have a new friend living with me at the moment. I think he's cute. I've decide he can stay... as long as he understands he can't infringe on my space. Currently he lives in the garage. I believe he used to live near the front porch in these weird plants that used to be there before Dad and I dug them out. Not sure where he's been since we did that a year or two ago. (And I can't find my original pictures from the plant area to see how he's grown!)

Close up shot of little Leonard the Lizzard.*

Here's some perspective - he's not that big.*

* For those of you curious, these were taken with the closest available camera - which was not the new Nikon. I have many Nikon pictures to post. Stay tuned.


Emily said...

He's a cutie. We have one in a bush outside the front door, but I believe yours is still quite a bit bigger. Remind me to show you the picture I took on my phone of the trantula this morning...he almost to the ceiling of the porch...better be ready to duck when you come over tonight!

Jeff and Mindi said...

What's that weird thing on his tail? I thought he was kind of cute too until I clicked on the picture to get a closer look. I guess Leonard wouldn't be as cute bigger!