Monday, October 22, 2007

Concerts 2

I promised pictures from the other two concerts that I attended over the summer. The first was The Wreckers opening for Keith Urban and the other was Little Big Town opening for Martina McBride. Keep in mind that I'm taking care of you by posting only a few of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures that I took. For whatever reason, I only took my small digital camera to these two events... So no 10x zoom! You'll easily be able to tell at which concert I had 3rd row seats and at which I did not!

I think I'll limit this entry to LBT and Martina.

As a bonus, I saw Taylor Kitsch who stars as Tim Riggins in the NBC TV show Friday Night Lights. Scroll to the bottom for that picture.

Martina pictures must be first.

As you can see I couldn't decide which photos to include.

So I picked four.

Yes, that's right, I picked four out of about one hundred.

Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet of Little Big Town.

Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town.

Little Big Town, all together but a bit blurry.

We happened to be sitting on the best side of the stage, in my opinion!

Actor Taylor Kitsch (in white) enjoying LBT and Martina.


Emily said...

For those of you who don't know who Taylor is...he's on the tv show, Friday Night Lights and is definately some good eye candy!

dianna said...

Thanks for sharing your pics!