Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Concerts 3

And now for the pictures of Keith Urban and The Wreckers. It's not hard to narrow it down to just a few of Keith in this case because many were dark and or blurry. The Wreckers pictures all turned out very dark, so you'll get just one.

Keith did a really great show and I'd recommend him to anyone. You know more music of his than you think! I'll go next time he's in Austin if you anyone wants to go.

The Wreckers - Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp.
(I'm pretty sure that Michelle is on the left.)

Thank goodness for the big screen!

I couldn't decide on this one or the one above. So, both.

They did this weird thing that made it seem like a fun iPod commercial version of the song.

My only clear "close up" shot.

I love that you can see him playing on stage and his facial expression on the big screen.
(I also like the effect of the spotlights.)


Bekah said...

Wow - your pictures are soooo great! They actually make me wish I'd been there... (even if it isn't my fav genre...)

Miss you, friend!! If I find a good concert in Ft. Worth, will you come visit?? (I noticed that Lyle was here and thought of you - and I'm glad to see you caught him in Austin.) On second thought, maybe it's time to check into the Brehmer B&B again...

dianna said...

Love these pics- it's like I was there with you :)
I REALLY like the last picture, but wish you'd post a pic of either a)my boyfriend who just happens to play bass guitar of Keith or b) the lovely swimsuit and tank top model you were seated next to.
Keep posting...I need something to comment on!

dianna said...

uh- that would be FOR Keith not of Keith...what was I smokin'?

Texan Down Under said...

I will go with you next time he's in Austin, buy my ticket and I'll sell some plasma. :)